HUDSON (CBS) – A Hudson boy with autism was helped to safety by a group of 8th graders Wednesday.

The boys were on spring break and were out in the Danforth Lot woods doing what they usually do.

“We usually just walk around and mess around in the river, little stuff like that,” one of the boys said.

That was when they found a five-year-old boy with autism wandering in the woods.

“When we saw him he was wet and had stuff on him,” one boy said. “Our first reaction was how did this kid get out here? What happened to him?”

The five-year-old said he had gotten separated from his family and looked scared.

The first thing the teenagers did was call 9-1-1. The second thing they did was lead the boy to the front gate of the park.

“He was confused we tried to bring him to the main gate and then we saw the police,” Hatfield said.

Hudson Police say the boys prevented a tragedy and Police Chief Michael Burks says he was preparing for a major search.

“We had State Police K-9, Marlboro K-9. They were coming to our area and we were hopefully going to try get a state police helicopter up here,” Burks said.

The Chief said he’s proud of the young men and wishes that more kids were like them.

Hudson Police posted a photo on social media so the kids could get publicity for their help.

However, one of the boys, Evan Gomez, says he doesn’t feel like a hero.

“I don’t know if I’d call myself a hero, yeah I helped a little kid and all that. I mean yeah I guess I’d call myself a hero if I had to,” he said.

Hatfield said he did something he didn’t know he could do.

The child’s parents say they’re grateful the teenagers were there to help and that their child is safe at home.


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