BILLERICA (CBS) – Missing a wedding dress?

Billerica police are searching for the owner of a wedding dress that was found at about 6:45 p.m. Wednesday.

The big question is, was it lost, or tossed?

And even the police are calling the discovery unusual. “It’s definitely strange. I’ve never seen this in my 22 years of police work, that somebody left a dress in the middle of the road,” says Billerica Police Deputy Chief Roy Frost.

The road in question is Bridle Rd. We realize that’s a different spelling, but it still adds to the weirdness of the story.

“About six o’clock at night we got a call for a dress in the middle of the road, on Bridle Road,” Frost said.

“We went down and looked at it, pulled it up. It was in very good condition, as you can see. Looks like somebody had cared for it prior to it being deposited in the road.”

The label tells them the wedding dress came from David’s Bridal Shop in Nashua. “It was a size 4. At this point we don’t know who the dress belongs to,” says Frost.

We also don’t know why the gown ended up on the asphalt. Is it a tragic loss for the bride, or a tragic statement about the end of a marriage?

“We obviously want to make sure this isn’t associated with something more sinister, that there’s something that is problematic or anything of that nature. That’s why we would love to be able to give it back,” Frost says.

If it’s your wedding dress, you can call Billerica police at 978-667-1212.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Karyn Regal reports

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