BOSTON (CBS) — The Boston Marathon is always full of unforgettable moments, and this year, one runner in particular made a truly lasting impression.

Pictures of Marine Jose Luis Sanchez flooded social media on Marathon Monday. The Texan could be seen carrying a large American flag while he ran the 26.2-mile course on a prosthetic leg.

A WBZ | CBS Boston Facebook video of Sanchez crossing the finish line was viewed over 9 million times in less than 24 hours and reached more than 20 million people. It’s been shared more than 105,000 times.

Sanchez lost the lower part of his leg in 2011 while serving his country in Afghanistan, he told WBZ-TV’s David Wade after the race.

The traumatic injury left Sanchez antisocial for years, and at first he didn’t acknowledge a gift he received after the incident.

But that gift – the large American flag filled with notes and inspirational stories – was on full display Monday.

“Instead of putting it away, I wanted to fly this flag again in their honor,” Sanchez said. “It’s for others to be inspired, to be motivated. I don’t do it for myself.”

There were thousands of comments on WBZ’s video, many calling Sanchez an inspiration.

Sanchez finished his run for the Semper Fi Fund in 05:46:13.

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