BOSTON (CBS) — Husband and wife  Aaron Russell and Pattiann McAdams got married on Heartbreak Hill during the 2007 Boston Marathon. On Monday, they returned to run the race and celebrate their 10th anniversary.

The couple ran the race together, Russell finished with a time of 04:19:14 and McAdams following one second after.

“I am so happy to be here,” McAdams said while on Heartbreak Hill. “This race was harder than I ever thought it was.”

When Russell first proposed at the finish line of the New York City Marathon and said he wanted to get married at the Boston Marathon’s Heartbreak Hill, McAdams feared she might not even qualify.

“But we got there!” she said. “It’s been a testament of our life together. Marriage really is a marathon and we’ve stayed committed to the sport.”


The 2017 Marathon was Russell’s 20th consecutive Boston Marathon. McAdams was running it for the first time since her wedding day.

This time at Heartbreak Hill, Russell and McAdams had five children waiting to cheer them on.

  1. Tim Springer says:

    The term “Heartbrake Hill” Came from the 1936 race, when the favored winner was over taken by a bare footed runner. (Native American)

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