BOSTON (CBS) — Phantom recently purchased four jars of spinach dip from a local supermarket. The creamy contenders were Cedar’s, Marzetti, Tostitos, and Utz. See if you can guess which delicious dip ended up at the Top of the Food Chain.

dip3 Phantom Gourmet: Spinach Dip Taste Test


Marzetti finished in last place. This refrigerated brand is so thick and creamy, eating it is more akin to an herbed cream cheese than a party dip. Its bright white color only serves to showcase the disappointing lack of spinach in the mix. Plus, with double the calories and triple the fat of the other brands, Marzetti is one serious dietary disaster.

dip4 Phantom Gourmet: Spinach Dip Taste Test


A huge step up from there is Tostitos. This shelf stable jar is found in the snack aisle, and pairs well with your favorite bag of chips. It’s thick and smooth with a decent amount of spinach. Unfortunately, a bit too much red pepper knocks the flavor profile out of balance.

dip5 Phantom Gourmet: Spinach Dip Taste Test


Utz is the runner up. The lid of this jar proclaims ‘It’s time to party!’ and as soon you pop it open, a fiesta of flavor awaits. This off-white dip is packed with plenty of spinach, a few flecks of red pepper and tons of water chestnut that impart a satisfying crunch. But be forewarned, this recipe isn’t shy with the onion or garlic, so while you will probably enjoy eating Utz, it might be best to eat it alone.

dip2 Phantom Gourmet: Spinach Dip Taste Test


At the Top of the Food Chain is Cedar’s. Found in the refrigerated section, this stuff is worth seeking out.  Made with Greek yogurt, it’s absolutely chock full of vegetables that you can see and taste in every bite.  It’s both crunchy and smooth at the same time, with a pleasant tanginess and the most spinach flavor of all the competitors. That’s why Cedar’s spinach dip is at the Top of the Food Chain.

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