BOSTON (CBS) – The score of “Boston – The Documentary” is a character all of its own. It has been brought to life by composer Jeff Beal and the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

Beal’s Emmy Award winning work spans documentaries like “Blackfish” and dramas including “House of Cards.”

“A lot of time the music is the very last thing in the budget and you don’t plan accordingly,” said Beal.

bso1beal Boston Symphony Orchestra Conducts Score For Boston Documentary

Jeff Beal of the Boston Symphony Orchestra. (WBZ-TV)

Beal has been working with Boston director Jon Dunham and said the director has shown interest in this project for a while.

“But, Jon always had this vision that the Marathon is a big grand epic, you know, emotional journey and he always felt like he wanted an orchestral score,” said Beal.

“Boston” is the pair’s third collaboration. They worked together on the Spirit of the Marathon and the Spirit of the Marathon II.

“To me, music is very important. So, it’s always been a priority for me to really make good music for the movies that I’ve made and Jeff has been the perfect collaborator in that,” said Dunham.

bso2 Boston Symphony Orchestra Conducts Score For Boston Documentary

The Boston Symphony Orchestra. (WBZ-TV)

Beal said “Boston” is not your average marathon.

“But at its heart I think what makes Boston special, and what makes this story special, is that there’s an authenticity to these people and to their passion, which I really love.” said Beal.

With his soaring score Beal captures that heart in the humble beginnings of the first marathon in 1897, the emotion of 2013, and the resilience of 2014.

Beal recorded the score at Boston Symphony Hall in February with members of the BSO.  This is only the fourth movie score recorded by the BSO.

Boston now joins “Schindler’s List,” “Saving Private Ryan”, and “Mystic River” on this short but impressive list.

“To me, the sum total of this film, and what it represents emotionally, is it’s really about the power of community, it’s the power of people coming together. Every single little small act that adds up to something really, really amazing,” said Beal.

It is especially meaningful for James Cooke, a violinist and Boston Marathoner.

“It’s almost like reliving various times that I’ve watched the marathon and all very positive experiences. I think a tribute to the Marathon is a great thing,” said Cooke.

Beal hopes his music and the movie connects with viewers.

“In a way this feels like a real gift to the people of Boston, to the legacy of the city and I hope that for the viewers that watch it they will be inspired and also really proud,” said Beal.

“Boston – The Documentary” is in theaters one night only on Wednesday, April 19.

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