COHASSET (CBS) – More than two dozen guns and multiple military grade shells were seized from a home on Doane Street in Cohasset Friday afternoon.

Cohasset Police say members of the bomb squad arrived at the home, assessed the “5 large military grade ordnance shells” and notified the United States Navy to take custody of them.

cohasset2 Guns, Military Shells Seized From Cohasset Home

Guns seized from Cohasset home (Image from Cohasset Police)

Police searched the home after they received a credible report that there were “unsecured rifles and shotguns strewn about” the house. The 65-year-old man who lives in the home had a license to possess the guns, but the Cohasset Police Chief revoked it on Friday.

Police say there is no public safety threat and detectives are reviewing the case to see if there is any criminal wrongdoing.

Comments (12)
  1. Looks like your average gun collection of old obsolete surplus rifles and some novelty decommissioned shells.
    Local police should have helped the old man out by providing the old man with the current regulations.

  2. Karl Grantz says:

    Looks like another liberal gun grab.

  3. Alan B Flood says:

    where is GOAL and Jim Wallace – as said by prior posts – another attempt by a police chief to write his own gun laws. On what basis was a search warrant exercised – this man needs to face the accuser who turned him in – nothing mentioned being a menace to anyone and since he was a lawful possessor since he was licensed and there was no crime being actively committed by the home resident – sounds an awful lot like Hitler’s way of disarming those he didn’t like. No respect for 2nd amendment in this state but we allow any expression of speech by left wing ideologues and we let anyone who chooses to walk into a girls bathroom or dressing room or locker room to do so under the auspices of transgender freedoms. . But we strip away the 2nd amendment rights – sad state of affairs in this country.

  4. So how exactly were the police notified? Did some parent when knocking on his door asking to buy cookies noticed a relic shotgun on the wall? Sounds like illegal search and seizure and a violation of this mans 2nd amendment. I remember people collecting antique shells for military collections. It’s not a crime.

  5. If he alone had access to the house and the guns, did they even need to be locked in a safe? They only need to be under your direct control. AND, if they had trigger locks then that suffices as “locked”. Sorry, this is Kopsch being Kopsch. There was a need for education here about current storage laws. Hell, half the fudd guns I see in the pics don’t even look like they run.

  6. William Hess says:

    A attorney needs to run this case all the way to the Supreme Court. Multiple violations of the individual’s Constitutional rights were committed.

    1. Alan B Flood says:

      Yes NRA needs to bring in the big guns so to speak and go to Supreme court in another Heller vs DC style court case and establish precedence for the whole country – the second amendment is a right just like the others in the bill of rights – do you need to show you have passed an English competency exam in order to exercise your free speech or show you passed a competency exam regarding civics in our country before you can vote or run for a pub? Then why can Mass require a gun safety course and police chief discretion – what makes the Chief an absolute judge of another citizen’s rights.

  7. Don Schulz says:

    The only “criminal wrongdoing” would appear to be illegal seizure of private property by the police.

  8. Alan Irvin says:

    Sounds like the man should move to a free state.

  9. Robert Wing says:

    Unbelievable. I don’t know what the laws are in Mass., but if the person hasn’t been charged, the police have committed an illegal and unconstitutional act. Even having a license to possess a weapon is stupid.

  10. Mark Rich says:

    So they broke into this mans house stole his gun illegally because they didnt like how neatly they were stored. Only in the north east .

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