BOSTON (CBS) — Might the McCourty family reunion be held in Foxboro this year?

According to Twitter, it could happen.

On Thursday, veteran cornerback Jason McCourty was released by the Titans after eight seasons.

Now, because Jason’s twin brother Devin is a team captain and defensive anchor with the Patriots, and because Jason has been rumored to have been considered as a trade target before by the Patriots, reporters were quick to connect Jason to the Patriots organization.

Whether it actually happens remains anyone’s guess. The Patriots, as has been well-documented, have a bit of a situation at the cornerback position. Stephon Gilmore is signed for big bucks, while Malcolm Butler remains dangling to the wind for any team willing to give up a first-round pick to get him. Adding someone like Jason McCourty won’t be a cinch.

Yet, there is the connection, and the world is wondering: How much does Bill Belichick like the idea of having a pair of McCourtys to roam his defensive backfield?

  1. It’s a no brainer, sign him up.

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