BOSTON (CBS)- Dylan Wagner is one step closer to his dream of meeting his idol, Tom Brady. The I-Team broke the story earlier this month that the 18-Year-old from the Seattle area helped the FBI track down Brady’s missing Super Bowl jerseys in Mexico. On Thursday, Dylan got the call he’s been waiting for, an invitation from Patriots owner Robert Kraft to the first Patriots regular season game.

I’m speechless; I don’t know what to say,” Dylan told I-Team Chief Investigative reporter Cheryl Fiandaca via Skype shortly after the teen received the voice mail message from Kraft.

“Dylan, this is Robert Kraft of the New England Patriots,” Kraft said in the message. “I just want to thank you for the great role you played in helping us get Tommy’s jerseys back.”

Last year, Dylan, who is a sports memorabilia collector, sold a jersey to Martin Mauricio Ortega. Ortega later sent photos of his collection to Dylan. In those photos was a picture of Brady’s Super Bowl 49 Jersey.

At the time, no one knew that jersey was missing. But after Brady’s jersey from this year’s Super Bowl went missing, and word surfaced of the missing Seattle jersey, Dylan contacted a friend who is an ATF agent in Boston. The agent shared what Dylan knew about Ortega which included two addresses in Mexico. The ATF contacted the FBI and federal agents recovered both jerseys in Ortega’s home.

jerseys I Team Exclusive: Kraft Invites Teen Who Found Brady Jerseys To Patriots Home Opener

The FBI returns Tom Brady’s stolen Super Bowl jerseys to Gillette Stadium. (FBI)

When the I-Team broke the story, Dylan said all he wanted in return was to meet Tom Brady. With the message from Kraft he almost there. In his message Kraft said, “I was told someone was flying you out there and I just want to make sure you had good seats and get you down on the field at the first game when we put our banner up.”

Kraft never said anything specifically about meeting Brady, but Dylan is hopeful and thrilled to be going to his first NFL game.

“Hopefully it will happen. He [Kraft] said maybe I’ll get to meet some people and he kind of left it at that but it’s pretty open ended. I think that’s hinting at meeting Brady at the home opener,” he said.

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