QUINCY (CBS) – A water main break shut down portions of Newport Ave and Furnace Brook Parkway in Quincy Wednesday evening.

A fountain of water shot up above the nearby homes on Douse Road.

The water spout from the middle of Newport Avenue reached 100 feet. It burst into the air around 6 p.m. and it took 55 minutes to shut off.

The water department estimates one million gallons of water went into the neighborhood. The first two houses on Douse Road next to the gusher were affected by minor basement flooding.

The department said an old bolt – from the 1920’s – rusted out, and the branch from a 20-inch water main to the fire hydrant failed.

Twelve homes were without water until it was restored at 11:45 p.m. The road reopened late Wednesday night.

  1. My father is like turn on the news portions of newport ave is closed. That must stink for all the commuters coming to work every morning.

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