BOSTON (CBS) — Roger Goodell is coming to Foxboro. The NFL commissioner is expected to attend Gillette Stadium for the Patriots’ season opener, which could very well be a rematch of Super Bowl LI. And the fans are sure to let Goodell know how they feel about him when he appears.

Know who isn’t concerned about how Goodell will be received when he gets to Gillette Stadium? The Patriots. Special teams captain Matthew Slater is already at Gillette Stadium ahead of the start of the team’s voluntary offseason workouts and kicked off the media availability portion of the 2017 season when he spoke to reporters.

Asked about how he feels Goodell should be received by the Foxboro crowd, he suggested asking the people who will be delivering the message.

“How should [Goodell] be received? I haven’t given that a whole lot of thought,” said Slater. “How will he be received? I’m not the one to ask that question. I think you should ask the good people of Foxboro how they’re going to receive him.”

For Goodell, the reception certainly won’t be a pretty one.


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