BOSTON (CBS) — This week, the star of CBS’s “Lucky Dog,” Brandon McMillan, stopped by the Pet Parade to share some easy tips on training your pooch.

McMillan has a new book out–“Lucky Dog Lessons“–in which he promises you can train your dog in just seven days.

“In the book, I basically cover seven main commands, and if you cover one of those commands per day, in reality, your dog will be trained at the end of the week,” said McMillan. “The rest is just conditioning. Once your dog is trained, now the rest is just muscle memory.”

petparade Pet Parade: Training Your Dog In Seven Days With Lucky Dogs Brandon McMillan

Lucky Dog star Brandon McMillan shows WBZ-TV’s Anaridis Rodriguez dog training techniques. (WBZ-TV)

McMillan brought in his dog, Oscar, and demonstrated what he calls the “double leash lock-up,” in which he hooks one leash on a dog’s collar and another on a harness. This allows you more control over the dog, and

“If I had one leash on, it would be like holding a kite on a windy day,” he said. “If you train every command with this technique, it’s going to speed up the time, and in seven days, your dog will be trained.”

He said the technique is great for dogs like Oscar, who have a lot of energy.

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