BOSTON (CBS) — Good news: the Celtics are assured of a top-four pick in June’s NBA Draft now that the Nets have clinched the league’s worst record. They’re also just a game back of the top-seed in the East with three to play in the regular season, starting tonight in Charlotte. And, Jae Crowder’s briefly concerning elbow injury appears to be just fine.

The bad: Boston’s offered a lackluster, disappointing effort each of its last two games against Cleveland and Atlanta, which hasn’t inspired much confidence leading up to the start of the postseason next weekend.

Saturday’s “Celtics @ 7” on 98.5 The Sports Hub with Adam Kaufman touched on all of the above, with help from The Vertical’s Chris Mannix. The two discussed which first-round match-up would be the best for the Celts, which would be the worst, where the club can find offense outside of Isaiah Thomas, if the Cavaliers are actually vulnerable, how the C’s will approach the draft, and much more.

Enjoy the full show podcast below!

Listen to this week’s full episode of Celtics @ 7


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