DORCHESTER (CBS) — It’s part deli, part supermarket, part fruit stand, and home the biggest salad bar you’ll ever see.

“We do over 1000 pounds of salad a day,” says Nino Lambert. “The salad bar is the heart of our store.”

food4 Phantom Gourmet: Lamberts In Dorchester


Whatever food you’re looking for, they’ve got it at Lambert’s in Dorchester.

They started out as a produce market back in 1955. These days, they still sell tons of fresh fruits and vegetables, but now that it’s run by second-generation owners Bill Lambert, who manages the original store on Morrissey Boulevard, and Nino Lambert, who runs their market on Route One in Westwood, the menu has expanded way beyond apples and oranges.

food3 Phantom Gourmet: Lamberts In Dorchester


There are soups and salads, sandwiches and subs, calzones and burritos, catering platters, and bakery items.

“People want quality, they want freshness, they want stuff that’s good for them, and I think they come to Lambert’s knowing they’re gonna get that,” says Bill Lambert.

food5 Phantom Gourmet: Lamberts In Dorchester


And customers keep coming back thanks to the hard work of this dedicated family.

“We want to be a loyal company for our loyal customers,” says Bill. “We take pride every day in making sure we’re 100 percent.”

food2 Phantom Gourmet: Lamberts In Dorchester


“We have a saying–we’re educated by tradition, but we’re driven by pride,” says Nino. “We take a lot of pride in what we do, and we put so much time into it that we want to be the best.”

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