FAIRFIELD, Maine (CBS) – A Maine State Trooper’s encounter with the Patriots Super Bowl trophy left him with a “story for the ages” this weekend.

A car carrying the Lombardi Trophy hit a deer in Fairfield, Maine, according to state police in a Facebook post Saturday.

The driver and his wife, who were not named, were taking the trophy to the Cross Insurance Center in Bangor, where it will be on display for fans this weekend.

At some point during their journey they struck a deer and state police were called.

trophy2 Lombardi Trophy In Car That Hits Deer Before Patriots Super Bowl Event In Maine

Maine State Trooper Tyler Maloon with the Lombardi Trophy. (Photo credit: Maine State Police – Facebook)

As Trooper Tyler Maloon was giving them a ride after the crash, the couple told him about their “interesting cargo.”  Here’s what he wrote on Facebook:

“So, I cover a car deer crash in Fairfield and end up giving the operator and his wife a ride to the Pittsfield Irvings. As we’re driving they begin talking about an event they’re going to at the Cross Insurance Center, stating “the trophy” has to be there at such and such a time, and that they’ll have to head back after for opening day at Fenway for a presentation there. Naturally, I ask what trophy. They then tell me that he works for the Patriots and that the Lombardi Trophy is in my cruiser! My mind was blown, seriously what are the odds! A story for the ages!”

The Patriots won the trophy – the organization’s fifth – in February, overcoming a 25-point deficit to beat the Atlanta Falcons in the first Super Bowl to go to overtime.

The Patriots tweeted a photo of the trophy in Maine Saturday and it did not appear to have any damage.


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