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So many moments make up a marathon – a runner’s grueling training schedule, a fundraiser’s climbing CrowdRise ticker, a spectator’s race day traditions. All uniquely personal, but when looked at together they truly embody what it means to #BeBoston.

Make it your moment. Share your photos and videos using #BeBoston throughout the marathon season. Whether you are a runner, a volunteer, or a spectator, the moments you collect will forever connect you to the greatest race on earth.

From Volunteer to Aspiring Finisher – Lindsay Broderick’s first Boston Marathon experience was as a volunteer giving finishers their medals. In that moment she started thinking, ‘maybe I’ll be a finisher myself one day’.

The Boylston Street Moment – For Patrick McMahon there was a time when running a marathon was an unattainable aspiration. Fast forward 8+ years, and he’s not sure what he’d do without the marathon.

See more inspiring stories and videos at jhextramile.com/makeityourmoment


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