BOSTON (CBS) — Celtics rookie Jaylen Brown has been playing extremely well over the last few months, but that didn’t spare him from being on the receiving end of a joke by his teammates.

Following Wednesday night’s Celtics win over the Minnesota Timberwolves in Boston, Brown found his car filled with popcorn.

That couldn’t have been much fun to clean, but the 20-year-old appeared to take it in stride, saying on his Instagram account that he was “gone watch a movie tonight anyway .. who need some?”

No one has taken claim for the prank, but after Brown and Marcus Smart were seen having a bit of a disagreement on the bench during Wednesday night’s victory, online sleuths immediately pointed to the guard as the culprit.

Brown has been making his presence known for the last two months, averaging 10.2 points over his last 17 games. But let this be a message to all rookies; even some stellar play won’t keep the jokesters at bay.

[graphiq id=”iox1BSmmA7P” title=”Jaylen Brown Top Games in 2016-17″ width=”600″ height=”544″ url=”” link=”” link_text=”PointAfter | Graphiq” ]


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