By David Robichaud

FRAMINGHAM (CBS) – You probably saw it on your morning commute or ride home; the car in front of you has a huge mound of snow and ice on the roof.

Sometimes that snow can blow off and cause you to have to put your wipers on. Other times it can be much more dangerous. Police want you to know its against the law.

WBZ spent Wednesday morning with Framingham Police as they pulled over vehicles with dangerous amounts of snow on the roof.

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“The biggest danger is overnight everything froze and the snow comes off in sheets of ice. It can damage the cars behind them,” said Officer Chris Burrell of the Framingham Police Traffic Unit.

Officer Burrell gave most of the drivers warnings and made them clear the snow and ice off their cars while he watched. He explained that they’re in violation of the state law that applies to unsecured loads on vehicles.

Joel Idelson of Framingham had a close call with this. After the last storm, a huge sheet of ice flew off a truck and went right through his windshield, showering his face, mouth and hair with glass.

“I don’t think people realize what’s involved, how dangerous it can be,” said Idelson.

He was lucky not to be seriously hurt. Police are urging drivers to get their cars cleared off now before the snow on top becomes even harder.


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