BOSTON (CBS) – A late season snowstorm hit southern New England Tuesday.

Here are the latest top Massachusetts snowfall totals from the National Weather Service in Boston, Rob Macedo, the SKYWARN Coordinator for the National Weather Service in Taunton, and WBZ-TV Weather Watchers.


Granville 21.5″
Huntington 20.0″
Southwick 18.0″
Ashfield 18.0″
Lunenburg 16.1″
Hubbardston 16.0″
Wilbraham 16.0″
Westfield 16.0″
Townsend 15.8″
Barre 15.5″
Fitchburg 15.2″
North Ashburnham 15.0″
Lowell 15.0″
Worcester 14.4″
Ludlow 14.0″
Springfield 14.0″
Leominster 13.8″
Dracut 13.7″
Northampton 13.5″
Littleton 13.5″
Tyngboro 13.4″
Haverhill 13.3″
Pepperell 13.2″
Plainfield 12.9″
Sterling 12.5″
Ayer 12.4″
Shirley 12.0″
Marlboro 12.0″
Northboro 11.8″
Billerica 11.7″
Winchester 11.0″
Acton 11.0″
Wakefield 11.0″
Maynard 11.0″
North Chelmsford 11.0″
Danvers 10.9″
Stow 10.8″
North Reading 10.8″
Natick 10.7″
Shrewsbury 10.7″
Mendon 10.5″
Sturbridge 10.5″
Milford 10.5″
Tewksbury 10.5″
Boston 6.6″
Comments (7)
  1. Alan B Flood says:

    if the meteorologists follow this posting – I suggest they check their tewmperatures relative to where it may change to rain – Here in West Billerica on a high spot in town (years ago the location of the firetower) and my electronic thermometer has bee nslowly going up – we are now to 30.4 degrees – I am 69 years old and a follower of weather since I was a kid and had a paper route and a snow shoveling business – sure looks to me like to are heading here to a changeover to rain. Course I have no formal training – just looking at maps and isobars most of my life and thermometers are good indicator of what may be coming.

  2. 10-12 inches in Marlboro and slowing down. A far cry from the 18-24 that was predicted. Another over-sensationalized “blizzard”.

  3. David Keith says:

    Massive overreaction by TV, Governor, and local mayors. Mediocre storm.

  4. Tom Auclair says:

    They gave the same caveat they give for all storms, that if it tracked to the west, there’d be less snow than forecast. Some people will complain about anything, I guess.

    1. David Keith says:

      I’ll bet this is the first time that 4.5 inches of snow caused a cancellation of Boston schools for TWO days. I’m used to state and local government workers taking advantage of a few flakes to stay home, but c’mon …

  5. We didn’t have 16″ in Lunenburg. Closer to 13″

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