By Paul Burton

BOSTON (CBS) — With another Nor’easter bearing down on New England, storm preps are well underway from the plows to the milk.

With more than a foot of snow getting ready to drop beginning early Tuesday morning, folks are snatching up all the bread and eggs they can find.

The line at Market Basket in Chelsea was around the corner with registers ringing relentlessly.

“I shopped for two hours and stood in line for 45 minutes,” shopper Diana Rivera said.

Governor Charlie Baker says don’t take this storm lightly. Expect the snow to fall hard and quickly.

“The most important point I will make is that the snow will fall about 2 to 4 inches an hour. This is not your typical storm,” Gov. Baker said.

At Home Depot, backyard grills take a distant second place to shopping carts filled with ice melt.

“My plan today is get my ice melt and my gas for my snowblower and get everything ready for tomorrow,” shopper Casto Febrilletto said.

Parking bans are in effect in many cities and towns across the state. MassDOT crews and contractors will be out in full force with salt, sand and plow trucks.

“The combination of high winds, wet snow and cold weather can lead to downed trees and we are closely monitoring the power outages,” Gov. Baker said.

School cancellations are also in effect as a city and region prepares for a very challenging mid-March storm.

  1. It’s time that the media stop referring to events like this as “historic” or “potentially historic.” It’s a friggin’ SNOWSTORM! It’s not like we’ve never had one of these before.

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