By Jim Smith

BOSTON (CBS) — On a frigid Sunday in Boston, you would think the biggest weather concern would be the icy temperatures.

You would be wrong. People are much more worried about what’s coming next, a mid-March mega storm, a powerful Nor’easter with a bull’s eye on New England.

winter storm preps sunday pkg Boston Residents Resigned To Snow In Their Future

A couple walking in Boston Sunday night. (WBZ-TV)

But folks are philosophical about it.

“It’s March. It’s New England. You can’t trust the weather. The weather is made of betrayal in March, so we’re getting a Nor’easter but I’d be happy, and that 50 degree weather last week was wonderful, but it’s March. What can you do?,” one man told WBZ.

“Well, I think that the weather here is pretty capricious one way or another. So, its not that surprising. I mean it’s just Boston,” another man said.

Just in case you forgot, snow and lots of it is what we’re in for Tuesday.

Funny thing is, despite a few storms, this winter actually hasn’t been all that bad. But Mother Nature does have a way of evening things out.

“Nor’easter? Yeah that might be a little on the heavy side right? A little too much? A little too much, yeah,” a resident said.

“A week ago, I was happy that the snow was gone. But now, it’s freezing again and I’m hoping they cancel class if you’re saying a snowstorm is coming,” a local college student said.

One man is considering hibernation.

“Well, I’m gonna stay inside until the first of Spring.”

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