BOSTON (CBS) — A dog, two cats, and a rabbit, all up for adoption from the Cape Cod MSPCA, were featured on the Pet Parade Sunday morning.

pet21 Pet Parade: Cape Cod MSPCA

Dewey. (WBZ-TV)

Dewey is a 9-year-old Havanese who has lived with a variety of animals–a dog, a cat, even a rabbit. He loves people! He’s all about getting attention, so he may not do well in a home where someone works a lot, because he’ll want to be with you all the time. He’s easily treat-trained!

pet31 Pet Parade: Cape Cod MSPCA

Jojo. (WBZ-TV)

Jojo is 9 months old. She’s a cuddler and loves to be held! She’ll be spayed before she goes home.

pet11 Pet Parade: Cape Cod MSPCA

Patrick and Pudding. (WBZ-TV)

Patrick and Pudding were rescued from a location that had too many furry friends–the Cape Cod adoption center took in 25 cats alone from that location. These two kittens are friendly and outgoing, and always cuddle. They’re bonded, so they must be adopted together. The center is fundraising to do some diagnostic work on the two, as they may have some medical issues.

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