BARNSTABLE (CBS) — A woman had to be transported by MedFlight after she was attacked by two dogs Sunday afternoon.

Barnstable Police said the dogs belonged to the son of the victim, 61-year-old Ramona Bouvier.

She had multiple wounds, including a serious injury to her leg, and was taken to Rhode Island Hospital.

untitled 13 Barnstable Woman Seriously Injured In Dog Attack

A woman is MedFlighted from her Barnstable home after being attacked by dogs. (Image credit: Robert Bastille/

The attack happened at her Deacon Court home.

“She was found by her neighbor, who heard her yelling and luckily she called 911. Officer Pintonio arrived and he put a tourniquet on her leg. Barnstable Fire arrived a very short time later,” Barnstable Police Sergeant David Myett said.

Police say one of the dogs that attacked Bouvier was an American Bulldog, which was secured by animal control. From the house, Bouvier was rushed to a nearby field where a helicopter airlifted her to the hospital.

Fire Department paramedic Brian Tyson was also on the team that very possibly saved a life.

“Police were on there maybe a minute or two before us but their initial actions using tourniquets at the scene really did make a difference and stop the bleeding of the patient and probably was for a more favorable outcome,” Tyson said.

Police said she was in stable condition.

  1. Tony Solesky says:

    And yet Takata airbags and hover-boards rightfully make the National News with nowhere near the number of incidents or tragedies associated to them. However Pit bulls ( exactly what and American Bulldog is) and other Dangerous dogs that have killed literally hundreds and injured countless people at Trauma Level 1 are not covered in National News. And no one has said it is all how you drive or ride that is the problem with airbags and hover-boards.

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