SEEKONK (CBS) – A Seekonk daycare employee has been fired and charged by police after allegedly dropping a 17-month-old onto an aluminum cot.

Police responded to Briarwood Child Academy and found the child was bleeding from the bridge of their nose.

The child was taken to Hasbro Children’s Hospital for treatment.

Officers discovered that the child was in the care of Crystal Salisbury of Riverside, R.I. at the time of the incident.

Seekonk Police said the employee dropped the child several inches onto an aluminum-framed cot and the toddler’s face hit the framing.

When police arrived, Salisbury was not present. She had been fired after the incident.

Officers subsequently interviewed Salibsbury and charged her with assault and battery on a child after she “recklessly permitted the child to suffer bodily injury.”

The Department of Early Education said it is investigating the incident and will take action as deemed necessary.

Briarwood Child Academy said in a statement that the safety of children is top priority, and immediately after the incident the daycare contacted the child’s family.

“The teacher involved was terminated immediately. We are fully cooperating with authorities in their investigation,” the statement reads. “We truly do strive to provide a safe and nurturing place for each child to learn and grow, and will continue to make this our top priority.”

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  1. Sam Williams says:

    Good to hear the daycare fired this abuser immediately – didn’t wait to be told to, didn’t wait for threats or law suits, just did it on their own the minute they knew it happened. Good on them.

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