SWANSEA (CBS) – A mother started a viral campaign after her son lost a special pair of glasses that help him see the world in a whole new way.

“Imagine the world you see, and then just make everything dull,” said 13-year-old Connor Latessa.

It sounds a little depressing. And Connor says waking up colorblind every day, kind of is. But last Christmas, Connor’s mom gave him a gift that literally lit up his life.

connorglasses Community Steps Up For Swansea Boy Who Lost Special Glasses

Connor Latessa wearing Enchroma glasses on Christmas (WBZ-TV)

“I opened the wrapping paper and then I just saw the box,” Connor recalled. “I read it and it said Enchroma on the case. That’s when the waterworks started.”

“He put them on and you could just see it in his face,” Connor’s mom Rachel Latessa said. “He could see things differently.”

The $500 glasses let Connor see colors he’d really only heard about. He wore them nonstop for a few weeks.

connor Community Steps Up For Swansea Boy Who Lost Special Glasses

Connor Latessa (WBZ-TV)

“On my way home from school I must have dropped them out of my pocket or something and I haven’t seen them since,” he said.

“I put an announcement on Facebook, just saying that he lost them, if anybody saw them. Let them know,” Rachel said. “Somebody started a GoFundme account. They raised the money in seven hours. People I don’t even know. I’ve never even talked to in my life and they’re donating to get him another pair of glasses.”

Rachel has been hesitant to accept the money, really hoping the glasses would turn up. She says she’s simply blown away by how much people care.

“Sometimes we forget about the good people because there’s so much bad. But there’s still so much good,” she said. “It’s really amazing.”

Rachel said businesses in town are already asking if they can buy a backup pair — which Rachel admits may come in handy as Connor continues in his teenage years.


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