FRAMINGHAM (CBS) – As a motorcade roared up his street today, Devin Suau looked out the front window of his home – excited and thrilled.

His mom Christine is grateful for the outpouring of support for her family during what has been a difficult five weeks.

“They think this day is amazing, we think it’s amazing and we’re just really grateful to the Framingham Police and our community,” Christina Suau said.

chief Boy Behind #WhyNotDevin Named Framingham Police Chief For Day

Devin Suau was named Framingham Police Chief for a day (WBZ-TV)

“Ready to rock and roll – there’s a computer I’ve never seen a computer in a car before – so cool!” Devin said while riding in a cruiser.

This was the day that in Framingham, Devin Suau – got to be the boss.

“I feel like since this whole thing started the whole community has been so supportive,” Christine said.

devin1 Boy Behind #WhyNotDevin Named Framingham Police Chief For Day

Devin Suau greets Framingham Police officers (WBZ-TV)

This whole thing started January 25th when Devin’s parents James and Christine learned their six year old boy has DIPG – a rare brain tumor no one has survived.

“What we’ve learned is that the timing is very limited and we need to build as much awareness as possible in a very quick manner,” his dad James Suau said.

His family started the hashtag #whynotDevin that’s taken off on social media.

“Someone has to be first to beat this so why not Devin?” Christine says.

To raise awareness – Framingham Police officers decided to make him their chief.

With his proud parents and three big brothers looking on – he accepted his badge, sat in the big chair and teased his brothers about a little jail time.

“My kids will never forget today for as long as they live,” Christine said.

Devin’s parents are trying to raise a quarter of a million dollars to bring their whole family with them if they can get Devin in clinical trials either in the U.S., Germany or London – they say they are praying for a miracle.

For more information or to help, visit Devin’s GoFundMe page.

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  1. This is great, but can you correct the hashtag in the headline to #whynotDevin? You list it correctly in the article, but put the wrong one in the headline (it’s not #whataboutDevin). Thank you!

  2. I love when the news has inspiring stories like this. Devin is most certainly an inspiration. i was so happy to watch the town of Framingham as well as the Framingham police treat him so well. Please keep wonderful, inspiring stories like this on for a long time. They are so beautiful. God Bless Devin and his loving family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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