BOSTON (CBS) — The NFL rumor mill continues to spin ahead of free agency opening on Thursday afternoon, with one very controversial name emerging with ties to the New England Patriots.

That would be running back Adrian Peterson, who was released by the Minnesota Vikings last week. He’s been rumored to have some interest in joining the Pats, though it’s unclear if the Patriots would want to bring him aboard.

98.5 The Sports Hub’s Zolak & Bertrand discussed the rumors on Tuesday, and said there really isn’t a match with the Patriots and Peterson, given New England’s dominant pass attack. In addition to questions as to what the soon-to-be 32-year-old has left in the tank, Bertrand said he wouldn’t be able to root for Peterson in a Patriots uniform given the player’s history of child abuse.

“Just the idea that this is rumored is making me uncomfortable. I don’t want to watch a Patriots game featuring Adrian Peterson. I said it then and still believe it now. Get out of here with that,” said Bertrand.

“Do you want to be a fan base that is sick and twisted, like those freaks out in Minnesota who showed up in their Peterson jerseys in support of him? Do you want to be those losers in Baltimore that showed up with the Ray Rice jerseys on, cheering for Ray Rice?” questioned Beetle. “We’re better than that.”

With former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez currently on trial in Boston for a 2012 double homicide, Beetle admits that the franchise isn’t immune to off-field issues. But bringing in Peterson is something he cannot stomach.

“What happened here when Aaron Hernandez was brought up on murder charges? People lined up by the thousands to turn their jerseys in at the pro shop,” he said. “It drives me nuts that the Adrian Peterson stuff isbeing talked about with the Patriots. I would hate, hate, hate to see that happen.”

  1. I agree. We hear often enough that we hire people with sketchy backgrounds. This is a no brainer to me. No Adrian Peterson.

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