BOSTON (CBS) — The NFL Scouting Combine is a funny place, really. Prospects lift weights and run 40-yard sprints and throw and catch some passes with no other humans on the field, and everything gets a bit overanalyzed.

And occasionally, we get a humorous nugget. That happened on Friday afternoon.

It was then that Adam Schefter came out of nowhere with news that will no doubt light the football world on fire.

Mitch Trubisky wants to be known as … Mitchell Trubisky.

For various reasons, this hit the funny bone of the pulse of the internet.

Realistically, a man named Mitchell asking to be known by the name of Mitchell isn’t at all a big story. But it’s the Combine, and these things tend to become bigger stories than they should be.

In any event, the Browns likely won’t care much about the first name. If he can provide hope that he might be a franchise quarterback, then he’ll likely be the No. 1 overall pick next month.

Roger Goodell better start practicing: Mitch-ell.


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