By Beth Germano

OXFORD (CBS) — He’s being called both brilliant and kind, 55 year old Dr. Peter Kintzer, a renowned veterinarian who was killed in a freak accident Thursday less than a mile from his home.

“His loss is going to leave a huge void in the local veterinary community and across the country,” said his colleague Dr. Jane Toomey.

Dr. Kintzer was driving on Sutton Road in Oxford when high winds toppled a tree that was rotted at the base and came crashing down on his car.

Dr. Peter Kintzer (WBZ-TV)

Dr. Peter Kintzer (WBZ-TV)

It has shocked the community he served, and those who know the important work he has done with internal medicine for animals.

“He lectured all over the world, every major meeting in the country had Dr. Kintzer lecturing to veterinarians and making them smarter,” said Dr. Toomey.

He’s also well known in the Central Massachusetts area, even called a local animal hero, travelling from hospital to hospital performing ultrasounds and other needed services on animals.

He was reportedly headed to a veterinary clinic when he was killed.

Dr. Kintzer was on the staff at Tufts Veterinary School and was a field medical specialist with IDEXX Laboratories in Grafton, which takes him to the many local clinics.

“He was so sweet and humble he was never arrogant about his intelligence,” said Dr. Toomey.


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