By Katie Brace

NAHANT (CBS) – Popular 40 Steps Beach in Nahant became an attraction for another reason on Thursday night.

“Being a quiet little island town here nothing really happens here,” said Evan Tarmy, resident.

A driver survived the plunge off the road and onto the beach below. Police said an officer tried to pull him over for speeding as he came from the Causeway onto Nahant Road.

“The officer attempted to stop (the vehicle) and the vehicle picked-up speed,” said Nahant Police Chief Bob Dwyer.

A teen drove off a cliff onto a beach in Nahant (WBZ-TV)

A teen drove off a cliff onto a beach in Nahant (WBZ-TV)

The driver who is 19-years old went off the road almost two miles later. The chief said part of the investigation includes – if there was a chase.

“I can’t comment on the pursuit if there even was a pursuit,” said Dwyer.

The speed limit is 30 as Nahant Road makes an almost 90 degree turn above the beach.

“People who don’t live here don’t know it. Even at the speed limit it can be dangerous because it’s a blind sharp turn,” said Tarmy.

A teen drove off a cliff onto a beach in Nahant (WBZ-TV)

A teen drove off a cliff onto a beach in Nahant (WBZ-TV)

The driver was going fast enough that the car took out the concrete and metal guardrail – the concrete pillars snapped at the base. The barrier was put in place to keep drivers from going over.

“It must have been another car go over because in my lifetime four have gone,” said resident Julie Tarmy.

Police said an officer saw the missing guardrail and found the car below. Emergency crews pulled the driver out. Several hours later they were able to remove the car.

“Looking at the wreck, I can’t believe he survived,” said Evan Tarmy.

As of Thursday night, the driver was listed in stable condition at Mass General Hospital.


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