By David Wade

LEOMINSTER (CBS) – A Leominster woman is on a mission. She just wants to say thank you to a woman she calls her “Route 2 Angel.”

The Good Samaritan stopped to help and that made all the difference.

“I just got really sweaty and it was very hard to breathe,” Kate LaBelle told WBZ-TV, remembering her drive on Route 2 near Devens last May.

She knew she had to get off the highway.

“On the off ramp, I lost consciousness,” she says.

LaBelle drifted off the road and into a guardrail. She woke up to the sound of a woman’s voice.

A Good Samaritan had stopped and called 911.

“I was very, very sick. So she was very comforting. She held my hair, rubbed my back and stayed with me until the ambulance came,” LaBelle said.

Kate LaBelle is hoping to find a woman who helped save her life on Route 2. (WBZ-TV)

Kate LaBelle. (WBZ-TV)

Doctors found that Kate had a serious heart problem and needed emergency surgery.

“They told me when I got to the hospital after I was stabilized, I had about 20 more minutes to live,” she says.

Doctors then learned that the heart problem was caused by a rare cancer, and it was Stage 4.

LaBelle has endured chemo for the past nine months, all while wondering who was the person kind enough to help her along Route 2.

“No one took her information because they thought she was my mother because she was so loving,” LaBelle says.

Now LaBelle’s goal is to find her Route 2 Angel.

“She got me help exactly when I needed it. I just want to meet her so I can give her a big hug and thank her from the bottom of my heart for saving my life,” said LaBelle. “Because if she didn’t stop, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. It means a lot that she stopped.  I’m not sure everyone would.”

All LaBelle knows about her “angel” is that she’s a nurse.

She hopes she’ll see the WBZ-TV story and get in touch through Kate’s Facebook page.

If you would like to donate to help ease Kate’s financial burden, a GoFundMe page has been set up for her.

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  1. Hello,
    My name is Lisa Bartlett. I am the nurse that helped Katie on the Rte 2 ramp last year on May 27th.  While I appreciate the sentiment of being called Katie’s angel, I honestly feel that I did what certainly any nurse would have done, and what most people in that situation would have done.  I was helping someone who was in need. 
    I remember that day vividly and have thought about this young lady that I helped often- probably because I drive through that same intersection every day when I go to work.  I had no idea who Katie was, or her outcome, or that she and her family were looking for me all this time. 
    Late last night, Katie and I were able to chat on the phone for the first time, and I learned of the tough road she has been on since that day in May.  She has clearly been through a tough time this past year with her unexpected cancer diagnosis and treatment- but her beautiful spirit was so obvious to me while I was talking to her.  I am looking forward to meeting Katie and her parents sometime soon.
    What’s most important, is that this story is not about me at all.  This story is about a young woman that is in the fight of her life battling Angiosarcoma.  For those who don’t know, Angiosarcoma is a cancer of the blood vessels.  It is rare and tends to be an aggressive cancer.  I would just like to ask that anyone reading this- please do whatever you can to help Katie in her time of need, either by donating or by any other form of support you can offer.  #KatieStrong

    Thank you

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