BOSTON (CBS) — As if there weren’t already enough indications that Martellus Bennett is about to leave the Patriots as a free agent, Rob Gronkowski just gave another.

ESPN’s NASCAR reporter Bob Pockrass asked Gronk at the Daytona 500 on Sunday about Bennett’s foray into unrestricted free agency. He gave an honest and telling answer as to Bennett’s future.

“I’m hoping that he breaks the bank,” said Gronk. “Whenever you see a tight end break the bank, it’s good for the industry; it’s good for the position. You want to see the position grow.”

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Bennett previously made comments about Super Bowl champions being overpaid, a strong indicator that he will explore all options and likely go to the highest bidder. He also lashed out on Twitter at fans and media who have speculated about his motivations in free agency without knowing his true feelings. If Bennett does indeed break the bank, he would have to top Jimmy Graham’s four-year, $40 million deal (including $20.9 million guaranteed) that he originally signed with the New Orleans Saints.

It’s understandable that Gronk would want to see tight ends making as much money as possible so he can cash in when his time comes. But despite his alarming injury history, Gronk remains easily the best overall tight end in the NFL and probably won’t have to worry about breaking the bank himself.


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