BOSTON (CBS) — The Boston Celtics were not in a position of desperation prior to Thursday’s trade deadline, and their lack of activity proved it.

However, with the deadline now passed, the team still has a chance to add to its roster in gearing up for the playoff run.

According to multiple reports, the 76ers and Andrew Bogut are expected to work out a buyout agreement. The Sixers acquired Bogut on Thursday, reportedly with the intention of trading him to another team. But with no partner found, Bogut will likely become a free agent as soon as his buyout is signed.

The 7-footer from Australia figures to help a team with his rebounding ability. He’s averaging 8.3 boards per game this season and has averaged 8.9 over the course of his career. While he offers little in the way of scoring (3.0 points per game), his presence at center would be a help to a contending team. And, as was evidenced last year in the Finals, his absence was noticeable for the Warriors.

For a team like the Celtics, who rank tied for 27th in rebounding, Bogut would represent a major help. And, as Brian Robb noted Thursday, the Celtics have the advantage when it comes to paying Bogut.

Still, the money won’t be dramatically different from team to team, so Bogut’s choice will ultimately come down to where he desires to play.

While the Warriors are one team that can be ruled out of the Bogut sweepstakes, the Cleveland Cavaliers are likely very much a player in the pursuit.

Comments (2)
  1. “Andrew Bogut will be THE GUY to put the Celtics in the NBA FInals. You HAVE to do everything you can to sign him!” – said NO Celtics fan ever.

  2. The Celtics have needed a shot blocker-rebounder for the last three years. I have no confidence that Danny will make any sort of effort to get one now. Bogut won a championship with the Warriors playing the same style of game that the Celtics play, although the Celtics don’t have the same roster as the Warriors. Bogut would make the Celtics better.

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