BOSTON (CBS) — The Celtics could taste victory, but a referee snatched it from them at the last second – literally.

With the Celtics up 103-102 and mere seconds left in regulation, the Chicago Bulls’ Jimmy Butler went up for a potential game-winning jump shot. Celtics point guard Marcus Smart appeared to play strong defense against Butler’s shot, which did not fall – but that’s when the referee interjected, calling a late foul that may or may not have even happened. Butler made his free throws to secure the 104-1013 win for the Bulls.

If you need a microscope to see whether or not Smart grazed Butler’s elbow, it probably should not be called.

The call felt like a moment out of WWE with the way the refs needlessly intervened and screwed the Celtics out of a sure victory. Twitter was quick to react to the Vince McMahon-esque double-cross by the officials.

But wait, there’s a better look at the referee who made the call … aaand it makes it even worse.

Isaiah Thomas summed it up.

What was your reaction to the call that cost the Celtics the game? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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