When the temperature drops, nothing warms Phantom up like some piping hot food served in a cozy restaurant. These are the 8 tastiest places Phantom has found to Beat the Cold.

Red Heat Tavern
Bedford, Wilmington

Red Heat Tavern in Bedford and Wilmignton is the perfect place on a chilly day. That’s because many of the dishes being served are cooked in an ultra-hot, wood-burning Josper Oven. You can have Korean style ribs, juicy steak tips, and some of the best wings you’ll ever taste. They’re all guaranteed to warm you up.

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The Tinker’s Son

The Tinker’s Son in Norwell is a cozy Irish pub serving all of your favorite, filling comfort foods. There’s piping hot baked Mac and Cheese made with a blend of cheddar, Romano, and Swiss – which is great
on it own, but even better when upgraded with Bacon and extra Cheddar, or Short Ribs and Blue Cheese. If you really want to warm yourself from the inside, there’s nothing better than The Shepherd’s Pie,
served in a cast iron skillet, topped with golden mashed potatoes and gooey melted cheddar.

La Brasa

La Brasa on Broadway in Somerville is a hip neighborhood spot that sports an active open kitchen where customers can catch chefs cooking shareable plates of beautifully cooked meats and farm fresh vegetables
over a massive, old world style open flame.

Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza
Multiple Locations

Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza has 50 locations along the East Coast, including Westwood, Reading, and Northboro. They’re famous for cooking up pizza perfection in an oven using only coal fire. You can have the classics like cheese or pepperoni, or something more substantial like the deliciously addictive Fried Eggplant pizza. Then there is one topped with meatballs, sausage, ricotta and long hot peppers, that will fire up your palate as it fills your belly.

29 Sudbury

29 Sudbury has dozens of dishes that will make you feel warm all over. There are thin crust pizzas cooked in a scorching hot coal fired oven, and crispy arrancini served over slow cooked sauce. When you really want to indulge, there’s nothing quite like diving into a big bowl of rigatoni bolognese.

Beverly Farms

Cygnet in Beverly Farms is a cozy, romantic spot serving all of the comfort foods you love to eat when the temperature drops. Nothing will warm you up quite like a bowl of their steaming hot clam chowder, from the moment you get a whiff of its alluring aroma.

Willy’s Steakhouse & Sushi Bar

Willy’s Steakhouse and Sushi Bar in Shrewsbury is a warm and welcoming place with a classic atmosphere, sporting brick walls, wooden beams, big booths, and a busy bar. Whether you go for a filet or the porterhouse, it’s going to be super juicy because of their unique cooking style.

Redd’s in Rozzie

Rounding out the Great 8 is Redd’s in Rozzie. This neighborhood spot in Roslindale serves southern inspired fare that with fiery flavors that will light up your palate. There are barbecue staples like the North Carolina Pulled pork Sandwich, and fried favorites like Ipswich Clams with a spicy aioli, Crispy Avocado with buttermilk dressing, and addictive Hush Puppies.

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