BOSTON (CBS) — The internet is a strange place. Fortunately, Rich Shertenlieb is not afraid to explore.

This week, he found a video which claimed that the Illuminati rigged the Super Bowl so that the Patriots would win.

The video has over 75,000 views on YouTube, so it’s clearly somewhat popular.

It begins with a man named “TVC Mario” explaining who makes up the Illuminati: “A real network of secret societies — Freemasons, Skull and Bones, Rosicrucians and many others that are trying to bring about a new world order.”

“Football is used as mind control for the masses,” TVC Mario carefully explained, before speaking ill of exercise proponents.

Fred Toucher decided to interrupt: “I can just see this guy eating Funyuns and just being like, ‘Jack Lalanne is the Illuminati! Richard Simmons is the … Hostess is the one people that have gone against this!”

“‘Who’s this Chuck Norris trying to sell me a Nordic Track?! Illuminati!'” Rich shouted.

TVC Mario then got to the point: “Why would the U.S. government — the Illuminati — want the Patriots to win? The New England Patriots always represent America’s team. OK?”

Jon Wallach noted, “America’s not too high on the Patriots these days.” Fred and Rich also pointed out that the Dallas Cowboys have “America’s Team” trademarked.

Back to TVC Mario!

This is subliminal programming that I believe is occurring. OK, so, it’s the Patriots. What is a Patriot, right? Well it’s someone, let’s see here: a person who vigorously supports their country and is prepared to defend it against enemies or detractors. OK? So what’s kind of interesting here, let’s look here, here’s their wins, and in and around in the same year or the year after or before, every time they win, the United States of America always goes into a conflict.

So in and around the year that the Patriots just coincidentally win the Super Bowl, the United States of America goes into conflict, into war. Why? I believe because it’s programming people, OK, to vigorously support the country and be prepared to defend it. They want to instill that.

That’s how sophisticated this mind control operation does run. But there you have it, everyone. Illuminati rigged the 2017 Super Bowl in favor of the Patriots. Have a blessed and wonderful day. Stay vigilant. Fear. No. Evil.

Cue. The. Music.

This man has solved it.


Listen to the segment below:

Comments (3)
  1. Todd Jenkins says:

    If an investigation leads to real people when it comes to the Illuminati.. Then I’ll take the mass side.. But the way people act about the group? Seems more likely to be another imaginary devil. Bad societies don’t have to hide from the mindless mass, and good societies have to hide because its easy to get the herd after them on pure faith. *Points at crusaders ending free people all through history for their tyrant faiths* What do I mean about bad societies not having to hide? DOD, CIA, PENTAGON, VATICAN, OIL CORPS, and MEDICAL corps. All profit from fear and suffering of the mass. Investing in the suffering of the mass is just GOOD business to them.

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