By Bill Shields

ATTLEBORO (CBS) – James and Ashley Campbell are lucky they weren’t hurt or worse.

On Monday, they were driving on Route 95 near Attleboro when ice flew off a car in front of them, and smashed their windshield. “Thank God my kids were not in the car,” said Ashley, who was behind the wheel.

Keller: No Excuse – Clear Your Car

“I glanced in front of us of course, and a huge rectangular object comes toward us and he said ‘Babe! Babe!’” Ashley recalls. “And I was hoping it was just snow, but the impact. Ice.”

She calmly pulled over into the breakdown lane.

Snow smashed a windshield on I-95 in Attleboro (WBZ-TV)

Snow smashed a windshield on I-95 in Attleboro (WBZ-TV)

But husband James was angry. “I was definitely mad at the other driver,” he said.

“It takes two seconds to clean the car off,” James said. “Two seconds. It’s not that hard.”

There is no state law specifically telling drivers they have to get the snow off, but there are plenty of laws that are applicable.

  1. Waiting for road rage Jon to rear end somebody while taking pictures of people’s car roofs while driving.

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