PROVIDENCE, Rhode Island (CBS) — Providence Rhode Island has always been home to restaurants that are cool, fun, and doing things a little bit differently, And Red Fin Crudo and Kitchen is leading the way.

“It’s a place where you’re gonna have a food experience,” says Owner Jennifer Behm Lazzarini.

Oysters from Red Fin Crudo and Kitchen. (WBZ-TV)

Oysters from Red Fin Crudo and Kitchen. (WBZ-TV)

Jennifer and her husband Julio opened the restaurant a couple years ago. Jen grew up in Pennsylvania Dutch country, while Julio was born in Puerto Rico–and together they have created a menu that’s as diverse as their backgrounds, with shareable dishes that are both local and international.

Wings from Red Fin. (WBZ-TV)

Wings from Red Fin. (WBZ-TV)

“Our food is inspired by the New England region,” she says. “We try to use as many local farms as possible, then we pull influences from Italy, Spanish influence, the Mediterranean influence, the Caribbean influence. So we really try to pull all those Old World flavors and bring new life to them here.”

Walk into Red Fin, and you’ll find a long bar serving inventive cocktails, a fresh raw bar where shellfish is shucked right before your eyes, and a festive dining room with a view of the very busy open kitchen that benefits the customers as much as the chefs.

Lobster mac and cheese from Red Fin. (WBZ-TV)

Lobster mac and cheese from Red Fin. (WBZ-TV)

“During service, it’s awesome to look out and watch people enjoying themselves, they’re having a great glass of wine,” says Jennifer. “And we can watch their faces light up. And that to us speaks volumes about who we are and what type of product we’re putting out.”

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