By Paul Burton

BEDFORD (CBS) – One snow storm gone, another on the way.

It’s been a steady flow of snow. Some wish it would just go.

“I was ready two weeks ago to never see another snowflake again,” Bob Batt of Bedford told WBZ-TV Saturday.

Many are still digging out from Thursday’s blizzard and Saturday morning’s fresh new coat.

Janet Lee bought herself some new shovels this weekend. She says snow fatigue has officially set in.

Janet Lee of Bedford. (WBZ-TV)

Janet Lee of Bedford. (WBZ-TV)

“(I feel) rotten, apprehensive and sick to death of it. It feels like two years ago” she told WBZ-TV.

“I was ready three months ago. I hate winter.”

New England will never forget the record setting snowfall of 2015. Most of that came in the month of February.

“I was here two years ago for that winter, really after living through that, a couple more inches of snow won’t be too much,” said South Boston resident Keith Dudley.

Shovels, ice melt, windshield wiper fluid and snow blowers are the items people are buying this weekend. And of course, bread and milk.

“I’m getting gas for the snow blower, I’m making sure my snow shovel is all set and I’m getting food for the birds,” Batt said.


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