By Michael Hurley, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) — Way to go, everybody. You’ve gone and upset the NFL commissioner.

Shame on you.

All the man ever did was love the league, stand up for the integrity of the game, and launch a two-year all-out assault on your football franchise, sparing no monetary expense and dedicating as much time as necessary to declare his authority over your franchise and your Hall of Fame quarterback.

And how does he get repaid? How do you show your appreciation?

With loud, mean boos. And clown T-shirts.

Oh, the humanity.

According to CBS Sports’ Jason La Canfora, Roger Goodell was very upset to see his face sporting a clown nose on the T-shirt of Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia in the wake of the Patriots’ Super Bowl LI victory.

From La Canfora:

“The T-shirt really bothered him,” according to one ownership source who had been in contact with big wigs at the league office. “The fact that [Robert] Kraft didn’t stop him from wearing that ticked some people off, but did they really think he’s going to protect Goodell after all of this?”

Please, for the love of all that is holy, do not let Goodell see this picture:

Please, delete this photo from the internet! Delete it right now!

Tom Brady (Photo by Billie Weiss/Getty Images)

Tom Brady (Photo by Billie Weiss/Getty Images)

And, goodness me, do not let him see this video of Rob Gronkowski:

And — really, please — do not let Roger know about Brady’s celebratory commercial, which ends with an overly harsh and over-the-line statement of “Roger that.”

Don’t tell Roger about any of that. He would be very upset!

La Canfora also reported that Kraft remains a proponent of removing Jeff Pash from the NFL executive office. Pash, executive VP of the NFL, was the one who operated in the shadows of DeflateGate, serving as the unofficial “editor” of the “independent” Wells Report prior to its release to the public.

Tom Brady speaks to Roger Goodell after winning Super Bowl LI. (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

Tom Brady speaks to Roger Goodell after winning Super Bowl LI. (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

It’s not surprising that Goodell is upset. Last week at his annual “state of the NFL” press conference in Houston, he stated multiple times that the NFL’s evidentiary findings were vindicated in a federal appeals court. In fact, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals only affirmed Goodell’s authority to punish players as he sees fit; the two judges did not determine that Goodell’s collection of evidence was bulletproof. And, in actuality, every physicist and engineer who was not being paid by the NFL and who weighed in on the accusations deemed the NFL’s “evidence” to be fatally flawed.

(On a humorous note, the outlet Barstool Sports was banned from receiving credentials to all Super Bowl events. The reasons, among other things, include four employees getting arrested for protesting at NFL headquarters in 2015. When asked about Barstool’s ban from NFL buildings during Super Bowl week, Goodell cried ignorance to the entire matter. Well, the maker of that Goodell clown shirt is none other than Barstool Sports. Roger has likely learned of their existence by now.)

Nevertheless, Goodell won in court, and he apparently wants to be praised for his victory. Patriots fans — and coaches — aren’t letting him have their way.

It’s almost as if they’ve been paying attention.

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Comments (25)
  1. As a Patriot fan … it’s time to let it go!

    1. I thought it was let go. Patriots won despite the 4 game suspension. Goodell was booed after the game which he richly deserved. Tom’s commercial came out that was very mild actually and Patricia was wearing a clown shirt. Fans at the parade took their opportunity to express their continued unhappiness with Roger. Many people around the NFL have been expressing for a long time, that Goodell should step down. I would assume the front office and 31 other owners know this. They said no, they want to keep him. Fine. But that doesn’t mean that fans and players respect Goodell. If the owners want a better relationship with the players and fans, then they’re going to have to try harder. And getting a new commissioner and admitting that spending 2 years dragging a franchise and their QB and their fans through the mud is not the way to do that.

    2. hang3xc says:

      You’re not much of a fan if you think ANYONE should EVER “let it go”. I’d let it go if Goodell stepped down after admitting how bad he blew it and we never had to see his face again… and even then I’d be getting shortchanged, with a lost 1st rounder and the tarnish to Bradys legacy that trolls will bring up forever.

      1. Even Tom Brady Sr. has said, we’re moving on. Goodell has taken 2 yrs of our life and that’s enough. We won and any remaining fans who don’t grasp the truth about Deflategate, do so willingly because they’re not interested in what’s true.

        Do you realize how big we won? We won the whole Deflategate mess. Despite Roger’s herculean effort to knock us out with it. Despite the court system. The Patriots beat Goodell the same way they win games. One play at a time. So many people stepped up to support us and bring into the light how wrong Deflatgate and Roger were. John Dowd the special prosecutor for Pete Rose. All the scientists who investigated the science. Players and coaches in the League. People who continue to try to knock us down a peg, are pathological and small.

        And now, Goodell and company are beating themselves. [g] Deflategate was dying down. Sure, if Goodell showed up to Gillette for the opener next season he was going to get booed and probably every time he shows up there. But that would have been the extent of it. But now….they are opening it all up again. They didn’t even allow the Patriots to enjoy their win a whole week. It has to be all about Goodell and his hurt feelings over a Tshirt. Which just shows you how unbelievably out of touch he has been with the entire situation and his role in it and how he thinks about no one but himself.

        Personally, the only reason I am still watching football is to support Tom Brady and the team. When Brady and BB retire, I won’t watch another football game. That’s how disillusioned and disgusted I’ve become with the “League” over the past few years. And in large measure that is due to Goodell and all the seamy underbelly of the NFL owners and front office that game out during Deflategate.

      2. hang3xc says:

        The win was great. The boos for Goodell were great. The clown shirt was fantastic along with the Shields MRI commercial… but it is NOT over.

        We STILL have a 4th rounder being taken away in THIS upcoming draft. How do you move on from something when we aren’t even done being penalized???

        I read an article in the last day or so reminding me just how significant losing a 4th rounder actually is.

        James White, a guy who scored 3 TD’s in the SB while breaking the SB receptions record, was a 4th round pick in 2014

        Malcom Mitchell, the rookie who was clutch in the SB, caught 6 out of 7 balls thrown his way for an 11.7 ypc average and 70 total yards. Four of his 6 SB catches went for first downs, and he had that big CLUTCH 12-yard catch on 3rd and 11 halfway through the fourth quarter that kept the Pats alive, scoring two plays later.

        Yeah, he was ANOTHER 4th round pick. This time in LAST YEARS DRAFT

        So losing a 4th rounder in THIS DRAFT shows that this is NOT over by a long shot. How do you let something go that you are STILL being severely penalized for?!?!?

        AND not only will we lose that THIS year, but even worse, we are going to lose a 4th round pick that we got in a trade because Goodell and his minions put some real thought into screwing over the Pats and made absolutely sure to hurt the Pats as much as they possibly could… but we should just move on, even before we suffer that final shafting for something that never happened, as any reputable scientist will attest to.

    3. I have to agree. We all rallied around the Patriots and Brady and the last two years have been a roller coaster. there is nothing left to prove. There is nothing left to fight. Staying bitter and vengeful from DG means that Roger still has gotten the better of you. Enjoy the 5th SB victory. That should be enough.

      1. It’s over if Goodell leaves it alone and eats those sour grapes. He got exactly what he deserved, and if he tries to bully the Patriots again, he has to remember that they have the support of a sitting POTUS who is not afraid to make Roger the subject of his tweets.

      2. @ Sean – I think Patriots and their fans are ready to move on for the most part. But do you really think anyone else will let them move on? It’s not the Patriot fans keeping it going. They respond when someone else gets it going again.

      3. Deflategate has been proven to be a railroad job beyond any shadow of a doubt whatsoever. Goodell needs to be reminded for the rest of his life that he is a dirtbag until he man’s up and apologizes.

    4. You are not a Pats fan. It does not end until Goodell apologizes for the railroad job. Deflategate has been debunked beyond any shadow of a doubt by numerous scientists around the country and in Europe. Roger is a dirtbag.

  2. I just hope they don’t determine that it was more probable than not, that Brady was generally aware of it.

  3. Joe Caporale says:

    obviously Kraft is pulling strings behind the scenes to take down goodell over the next 2 years. I think there’s too much water under the bridge and he’s lost his legitimate authority. Knowing Goodell’s arrogance he’s probably wasted all of his money on a bunch of luxuries and will be forced to selling insurance in a few years.

  4. As a Patriot fan…it’s time to pile on.

  5. I hope Goodell dies on the sidelines of an NFL game after getting barreled into by like two whole teams of players during a fumble skirmish.

  6. Anne Lyons says:

    This is still a Free country, Right??? A little thing called freedom of speech is still allowed, Right?? We able to protest against the president of our country. WHY NOT THE COMMISSIONER OF THE NFL?????? Especially when he is Sooo one sided!!

  7. I don’t understand why people can’t understand that this NEVER had anything to do with Brady. Brady was just a means to an end and the end was for Goodell to make the courts side with the NFL League regarding it’s total authority over punishments doled out to players.
    Deflated footballs has been a semi common occurrence over the years and it was always a $50k or some such fine for the team, until… Deflategate.
    Goodell chose Deflategate because he knew that Brady would fight this ridiculous charge all the way to the Supreme Court of the United States, to clear his name.
    Which he could never do, because the case was never about his guilt or innocense, as the NY judge said, it was about the league being able to issue whatever punishemnt it wanted to to any player it wanted to, regarding any rule violation, real or perceived, that it wanted to.
    Since that was agreed upon in the collective bargaining agreement, the players lawyers knew that they could not prevail in any higher courts. So Brady was told he would have to take his punishment, even though everyone involved knew full well he did nothing wrong.
    What amazes me is that none of these so called “Sports Analyst Experts”, after two years, never understood what this was really about.

  8. Bob Sulik says:

    Wonder how many Owners will want Patricia as a Head Coach?

    1. Any owner that thinks his team can win the Super Bowl with Patricia will want him.

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