BOSTON (CBS) — Super Bowl LI was one for the ages, with the New England Patriots pulling off the greatest single game comeback in the history of competitive sport.

And if anyone argues with you, just point to the ridiculous amount of Super Bowl records the Patriots and Atlanta Falcons set during the 34-28 overtime thriller:


Most Points – 20, James White

Most Passes – 62, Tom Brady

Most Completions – 43, Tom Brady

Most Passing Yards – 466, Tom Brady

Most Receptions  – 14, James White

Largest Deficit Overcome By Winning Team – 25 points (Patriots)

Most Points In Overtime By A Team – 6 (Patriots)

Most First Downs By A Team – 37 (Patriots)

Most First Downs Passing By A Team – 26 (Patriots)

Most Offensive Plays By A Team – 93 (Patriots)

Most Passes By A Team – 63 (Patriots)

Most Completions By A Team – 43 (Patriots)

Most Passing Yards By A Team – 442 (Patriots)

Most Passing Yards By Both Teams – 682

Most First Downs Passing By Both Teams – 39

Most First Downs By Both Teams – 54

Career Records:

Most Games – 7, Tom Brady

Most Games By A Head Coach – 7, Bill Belichick

Most Games Won By A Head Coach – 5, Bill Belichick

Most Games – 9 (Patriots)

Most Super Bowl Passes – 309, Tom Brady

Most Super Bowl Completions – 207, Tom Brady

Most Super Bowl Passing Yards – 2,071, Tom Brady

Most Super Bowl Touchdown Passes – 15, Tom Brady


Most Games Won – 5, Tom Brady

Most Touchdowns – 3, James White

Most Two-Point Conversions – 1, James White; Danny Amendola

Most Sacks (Since 1982) – 3, Grady Jarrett

Most Two-Point Conversions By A Team – 2, New England

Most Two-Point Conversions By Both Teams – 2, New England vs. Atlanta

Most First Downs By Penalty By A Team – 4, New England

That’s an awful lot of editing the NFL record books have on their hands this offseason.

Comments (5)
  1. Andy Keating says:

    Who is Brady tied with on the 5 SB wins?

    1. Andy Keating says:

      Assuming they mean players, not BB.

  2. Among all current and former players, only Charles Haley, a former defensive end for the San Francisco 49ers and Dallas Cowboys, now holds as many rings as Brady.

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