BOSTON (CBS) — The Atlanta Falcons’ 28-3 lead at one point in Super Bowl LI probably led a lot of people to celebrate early. It made Falcons owner Arthur Blank venture down to the sidelines a little too early. Apparently, it even helped make Mark Wahlberg leave the game early.

Count the local Dick’s Sporting Goods in Atlanta among those who acted too soon in light of the Patriots’ incredible comeback to win Super Bowl LI in overtime. According to Fox 5 News, the store began stocking its shelves with t-shirts, hats, and other gear declaring the Falcons Super Bowl champions.

Instead, the products will never see the light of day, as the store was forced to remove the items from their shelves after the Patriots came back and won the game.

It’s unclear whether the store even had Patriots gear to celebrate the real Super Bowl winners. It was closed at the time, so nobody got their hands on what would be something of a collector’s item.

It could have been worse for Dick’s Sporting Goods. … At least they’re not the Boston Globe.


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