By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – It’s not easy being a grown-up.

You have to get up and go to work every day, even if you just don’t feel like getting out of bed. On the job, you have to navigate sometimes-difficult interactions with colleagues or clients in a professional manner, putting your own personal feelings and impulses aside in the service of maintaining working relationships.

And you don’t usually get to scratch whatever itch you might have when you come home. Anyone in a successful marriage knows that it’s all about compromise, give-and-take, being selfless at times when it would be easier to be selfish.

And then there’s parenting, the most important and demanding job any grown-up can have, where you have to be a role model, leader and nurturer, all the time and all at the same time.

Yes, it isn’t easy being a grown-up. And it’s a challenge that is proving too much for just about everybody in Washington right now.

It takes a grown-up to share power and seek compromise when you have the upper hand, to place country and comity ahead of ego-gratification. The Republicans are failing completely at this so far.

It takes a grown-up to set your resentment and bitterness aside when you lose, and find a way to move forward and work with the winners. The Democrats are utter failures at this so far.

As for the rest of us, I see a sharp trend toward mimicking the sorry behavior of our alleged leaders.

And you wonder what will happen if grown-ups don’t emerge soon to take charge.

Listen to Jon’s commentary:

Comments (7)
  1. Are you going to be one of the grownups. Jon, are are you going to chose to be one of the flame throwers.

    So far, during the election and after Trumps election and ascention to the presidency, you’ve been one of the flame throwers.

    Isn’t it time you refelected on YOUR role in our daily news discourse and adopt the adult rather then the rant?

    Your history as a journalist has been one of measure and composure. Isn’t it time to regain the composure and use measure in your commentary?

  2. David Keith says:

    I imagine that it is very hard to act like an adult when dealing with an malignant narcissist whose behavior would even shame a grade school bully.

    1. Feel better now that you have that off your chest?

      Remember, David, as the wise Barack Obama once opined, elections have consequences. You lost; get over it.

      You’ve got four (or eight) years to measure out your venom…don’t wast it all in the first few weeks.

      (Its fun watching you goofs twisting in the wind.)

  3. Trump now lifting sanctions on Russia…

    Trump is making the USA Putin;s bi-ch.

    Impeach Trump Now!

  4. I’m thinking it’s high time for us grown-ups to start acting like leaders.

  5. The laziest form of political commentary is to stand above it all and sniff, “a plague o’ both your houses.” This commentary was so lazy, I don’t know why you even got out of bed.

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