PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — Another year, another Patriots Super Bowl appearance that Maine Gov. Paul LePage has no interest in watching.

The Republican governor of New England’s biggest state says during a WGAN-AM radio appearance on Thursday that he won’t watch the big game against the Atlanta Falcons.

LePage says he continues to have “a real hard time getting over what Bob Kraft did to the state of Connecticut.” The Patriots owner terminated a deal to move the franchise to Hartford in 1999.

The governor also says the Patriots were wrong to have selected convicted murderer Aaron Hernandez when it knew “he was a bad guy from the get go.”

LePage also bashed the Patriots before their appearance in the Super Bowl two years ago. He’s a fan of the New York Giants.

Comments (4)
  1. Patty Lieber says:

    who cares what he is watching? Maine’s economy is in poor shape so perhaps he should focus on brining in jobs instead of discussing his football habits.

  2. Mike Reardon says:

    Act like a governor….pathetic.

  3. Bob Terrace says:

    Typical LePage – complete idiot. He isn’t the biggest buffoon any longer. That distinction goes to the sad-excuse-for-a-human-being-in-chief who was elected by the US bigots and racists.

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