BOSTON (CBS) – More and more players have been retiring from the NFL at a young age in recent years. The latest player to leave the league early, however, came with a unique twist.

Indianapolis Colts punter Pat McAfee announced his retirement Wednesday night in a Comedy Central skit, saying at a “press conference” that he will be joining Barstool Sports as a full-time employee.

McAfee’s announcement came as a part of the Comedy Central “Barstool Rundown” special, which featured a guest appearance by Colts kicker and former Patriot Adam Vinatieri.

Later in the night, McAfee tweeted a message to Colts fans, confirming that the news was no joke.

“They reached out to me and said ‘When you’re done with football we would like to chat about the possibility of you joining our family,’” McAfee wrote. “Staring down my third knee surgery in four years, with more surgeries certain for the future, I started listening to their offer.”

McAfee said he declined the offer to work at Barstool Sports headquarters in Manhattan, and will instead remain in Indianapolis at his own headquarters.

Earlier Wednesday, Barstool Sports made news when NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell denied being aware of the league banning the organization from this year’s Super Bowl festivities.

“I’m not familiar with this. I really don’t have information about who’s credentialed and who’s not,” Goodell said. “I assume there’s a reason why a particular organization is no credentialed to be here. If you look around, we have pretty open arms about who attends the Super Bowl as a media outlet.”


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