By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – We live in unpredictable times. But if there’s one prediction I feel confident of as the Trump era in Washington begins, it’s that Republicans and Democrats will work together and find bi-partisan compromise just as effectively as they did during the Obama years.

In other words, hardly at all.

Any remote chance of meaningful cooperation was diminished during an insult-filled transition. And since Inauguration Day (Can you believe it was only 12 days ago?) It has vanished completely.

Want proof?

Here’s gentlemanly Senator Orrin Hatch, a conservative Republican who has always championed bi-partisan civility, after Democrats on his committee boycotted a confirmation hearing Tuesday.

“Well they are idiots. Anybody who would do something like that.  It’s just a complete breach of decorum. It’s a complete breach of committee rules. It’s a complete breach of just getting along around here,” he said.

Utah Senator Orrin Hatch. (WBZ-TV)

Utah Senator Orrin Hatch. (WBZ-TV)

When Donald Trump calls his adversaries names, it’s expected. When Orrin Hatch does it, it’s a sign that the war is on, as or more intensely than ever before. If you hoped your vote last Fall would help break the cycle of bitter partisan DC gridlock, sorry, you are out of luck.

What’s wrong with our politics?

The symptoms are the same as ever, and so are the causes.

Both parties are dominated by angry bases in no mood to hear about tricky compromises. And trash-talking politics just enjoyed it’s most successful election cycle

ever. No wonder they’re at each other’s throats down there.

That’s what we’re telling them to do.

Comments (7)
  1. When you have the Ilk of Liz Warren telling us she will vote Against the SJ nominee BEFORE they are even announced that is troubling. She just wants the pension and health insurance benefits. Public Service? C’mon Man! They are there to Make Money for themselves!

  2. You’ve missed the part about the Republicans controlling both Congress and holding the presidency.

    THAT is what the voters, in their wisdom, felt was best for the country.

    If the Democrats want to keep themselves in political irrelevancy, they are chosing the correct method of assuring their obscurity.

    As Obama opined…Elections have consequences.

  3. @Chris Smith Could you imagine if the Republicans did this! Oh, wait, they did. Right after Scalia died the republicans said they wouldn’t let Obama have the SCOTUS nomination before he had anyone put up. Ten months and they woundn’t even meet a moderate who they all liked. That’s right Theodore Oule, Elections have consequences and now its time the republicans got the same deal they gave the democrats.

    1. Fine. I have no objections. After all the Senate is a political body, unfortunately made all the more political by the change to the popular election of the members.

      Since that time, there has yet to be a statesman of any worth to come out of that body.

  4. Jon – You have the gall to ask what’s wrong with our politics? Look in the mirror and around you at work. The so-called “journalists” of the world are what’s wrong with our politics. Your profession used to try to report on events as accurately as possible. Your tried to provide a service to society. Now your kind will say anything, do anything to make money. You stir up the people, create crisis where there is none, and do whatever it takes to turn people against each other, because that’s what sells. What’s wrong with our politics? The politicians are afraid to do the right thing for fear of being vilified by the journalists. The politicians will say or do anything to get airtime on the news. It’s “journalists” like you that got Trump elected. It’s journalists like you who give the politicians their stage. You are the mouthpiece of their evil and hateful minds.

    People like you profit from a divided, hateful population. The media is best served by a country in chaos. You and your profession prosper when the people are at each other’s throats. Your profession appeals the basest of human nature and possibility of “being in the news” brings out the very worst in human behavior. I hope that there is a special hell for people like you, sowing discord to make money and spewing your smug, self-righteous, narcissistic opinions.

    Remember that when revolutions happen, it is the journalists and politicians that first up against the wall. Always.

    1. While I put a large helping of blame on the media, I think you have gone over the line with the level of vitriol against Jon and other journalists. You’re right – I agree, many journalists are actually intentionally trying to start trouble just to gain attention. They have stirred up people and created crisis just by the way that they cover the news. I agree that some politicians are afraid to do the right thing, for fear of the press, but some are also trying to follow their own agenda. I think saying journalists or anyone else is evil and has a hateful mind is way over the line.

      And you are not putting any blame for what is happening to our politics on the voters. American voters, who have just as much responsibility in this as the press does. They want to be spoon fed drivel…it’s easier. No one group are responsible for how bad our politics are at the moment. It falls on each and every one of us to be aware of where we all fall short and admit it and try to fix ourselves, not everyone else. And the best part of that, is that every day is a new beginning and you can start all over again to be the person you think we all need to be.

      The question is, what is wrong with out politics? It’s party politics gone wrong. To actually benefit from a democracy with a two party system, it requires very special populace, who are mature and reasonable and fair and bending over backwards to understand those they agree with and are ready to compromise. That is just not happening. That needs to change.

      1. That’s … “bending over backwards to understand those they ‘disagree with’.”

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