BOSTON (CBS) – The Democrats have become a party that seems to stand for obstruction above all else. With vocal party leaders attending protests around the country and holding press conferences to undermine the sitting President, it has been pretty obvious over the first ten days of President Trump’s administration that the left has no intention of giving Trump a chance. Today, Democrats in Washington boycotted confirmation hearings for Steven Mnuchin and Tom Price, and left Jeff Sessions’ confirmation hearing early, forcing the committee to postpone the proceedings until tomorrow. To top off a day of bad ideas from the left, Democratic Senator Chris Murphy had the audacity to suggest that the United States abolish all of the vetting procedures and border protections we currently have in place to focus on gun control. Are you surprised to see Democrats holding up Trump’s nominees out of political posturing and partisan gamesmanship? Do they owe the American people more? What do you think of Senator Murphy’s plan to get rid of all our vetting procedures?

Originally broadcastd January 31st, 2017.

Part 1:

Part 2:


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