BOSTON (CBS) – Before, during and every storm, it seems like drivers hear the same warning from highway officials: Don’t crowd the plow.

But once again, a plow got crowded Tuesday night. One was hit by a vehicle on I-95 in Dedham; nobody was hurt.

That makes 17 cases of vehicles hitting plows during what has been a fairly uneventful winter.

Highway Administrator Tom Tinlin’s message to impatient drivers is to simply relax.

“Give us plenty of room to do our jobs so we can make it safe for all,” he said.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Carl Stevens reports: 

  1. Alan B Flood says:

    Personal observation on those few times I have gone out when the roads were snowy or sloppy – young drivers still think they are capable of anything the road throws at them – my guess is some of these kids probably shouldn’t be on dry roads till their maturity level goes up a notch and they demonstrate they realize that the are driving a weapon of death. The other problem I see is a perception of drivers who may be new to this country as well as new to the culture of our roads and highways. And not to sound sexist but mainly women drivers who may not have had a lot of opportunity to drive from wherever they came from. And I realize that sounds a lot like profiling but it is an observation that I have seen.

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