BOSTON (CBS) — Tom Brady and Bill Belichick may have four Super Bowl championships, but that doesn’t mean that they’ve dominated the game every time they’ve been out there. All six of Belichick and Brady’s six prior appearances in the Super Bowl have been decided by three or four points, and Brady himself has not always been at his best for a full 60 minutes – especially in the two losses against the New York Giants.

Radio host Chris “Mad Dog” Russo couldn’t help but bring that up when he joined Felger & Mazz at Radio Row in Houston on Wednesday. Based on their history, he’s not expecting the best effort from the Patriots on Sunday against the Falcons.

“[The Patriots] don’t play well in this game,” said Russo on the team’s history in the Super Bowl. “They never cover [the point spread]. Carolina had a shot [in Super Bowl XXXVIII]. Philly had a shot [in Super Bowl XXXIX]. They lost two to the Giants … and they were fortunate to beat Seattle.

“Give me a game outside of the Rams in [Super Bowl XXXVI] that they came into this game and played a Montana 55-10 game,” he continued, referencing Joe Montana and the 49ers’ 55-10 drubbing of the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XXIV.

That said, Russo does not see the Falcons having a chance to beat the Patriots in Super Bowl LI. He thinks it will come down to their relative lack of talent on their defensive line.

“The way to beat the Patriots is you’ve got to have a good defensive line,” said Russo. “The Ravens had a good defensive line. The Jets had a good defensive line. The Giants twice had a good [defensive line]. “You need a good defensive line that is going to put pressure on them, get them a little nervous.

“Where is [the Falcons’] great defensive line? Dwight Freeney? Who is going to get [to Brady]? And they’ve got a young defensive secondary. Can’t you see Brady with all these formations, getting them all confused?”

Russo also touched upon the national storylines in the media regarding the Patriots outside of New England, which he regards as more “historical” than anything else. Listen to the full podcast below:


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