BRIDGEWATER (CBS) – There wasn’t a lot of snow, but there was just enough to slow things down for the ride home Tuesday.

“It was basically stop and go all the way,” said Charlie Clarke of Mashpee. “I was on my brakes most of the way.”

“The roads were OK, but the traffic was terrible,” said Jessica Williamson of Fall River.

The storm hit just in time for the evening commute.

“I left an hour early and it’s going to take me an extra half and hour,” said Elaine Canepa of Westport. “So two and a half opposed to two hours.”

The snow was sticking to the sidewalks in Bridgewater, but not so much roads. MassDOT Crews were quickly moving away what did stick along Route 24 South through Bridgewater.

For much of Tuesday, traffic was stop and go backing up early in the afternoon because a lot drivers tried to get ahead of the storm.

“Making my rounds making sure everyone is ready and beading back trying to beat the snow,” said John McDonough of Mattapoisett.

“Keeping an eye on it. We had a leisurely plan, but made sure we didn’t dilly dally too much on the ride back,” said Manuel Irujo of New Bedford.

Part two of the storm could create a deja vu feeling for the Wednesday morning commute.


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